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The academic staff in the department of physics are formally twenty eight members holding academic ranks. Currently, twenty seven of them are teaching different subjects of the four stages in the department. Three of them are studying PhD as overseas students in the UK in different specialization. We, as academic staff, honestly and friendly, try to teach the best quality and performance of study to our nations during their studentship in our school and department. Since, we aim them to be the teacher in the secondary schools, we vitally attempt to bring them up in terms of both scientific and educational aspects.

At the following, we organized the academic staff's name in terms of their degrees, their academic ranks and their positions for you to find a specific member easily. 

If you have any technical questions, do not hesitate to contact IT representative of the school.

PhD Students:

MSc Students:
Azhin Hassan mhamad
Govar Hussein Hama Salih Ahmad
Rezhaw Abdullah Qadir
Brusk Barzan Faiaq
Bashdar Rahman Pirot Mahmood

MSc Awards:
Azheen SdiqMhamad
Sazan Mhamad Ahmad
Khabat Ahmad Mhamad
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NameDegreeAcademic RankPositione-Mail
NameDegreeAcademic RankPositione-Mail
Majida Ali Ameen PhD Assistant Professor Staff Member [email protected] 
Sheelan Rafeeq Aref MSc Assistant Professor Staff Member [email protected] 
Dana Saeed Muhammad MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Aso Othman Abdulla MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Ari Karim Ahmed PhD Lecturer Staff Member  [email protected] 
Aras Saeed Mahmood PhD Assistant Professor Staff Member  [email protected] 
Rawand Hama Amin Abdullah MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member  [email protected] 
Yadgar Hussein Shwan MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Dlnya Aziz Ibrahim MSc Assistant Lecturer  Staff Member [email protected] 
Shna Ibrahim MSc Assistant Lecturer  Staff Member  
Muhammad Ahmad Saeed MSc Assistant Lecturer  PhD Student [email protected] 
Hazhar Abdullah Rasull  MSc Assistant Lecturer PhD Student [email protected] 
Badeaa Ibrahim Abdulkareem PhD Lecturer Staff Member  [email protected] 
Media Ismael Sulaiman PhD Assistance Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Dastan Khalid Mustafa PhD Lecturer Staff Member  [email protected] 
Berun Nasradin  MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Hemn Gharib Huseein MSc Assistant Lecturer  Decider of Department [email protected]  
Sarbast Saeed Ameen PhD Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Rangeen Othman Salih PhD Lecture  Head of Department [email protected] 
Rebar Taib Abdulwahid MSc Lecturer Staff Member [email protected] 
Halo Anwar Abdulkhalaq MSc Assistant Lecturer PhD Student [email protected] 
Farmesk Jalil Abubaker MSc Assistant Lecturer PhD Student [email protected] 
Halmat Jalal Hassan MSc Assistant Lecturer PhD Student [email protected] 
Gashaw Kamal Arif MSc Assistant Lecturer  Staff Member [email protected] 
Aram Bahroz MSc Assistant Lecturer  Staff Member [email protected] 
Farhad Abdullah MSc Assistant Lecturer  Staff Member [email protected] 
Showing 26 items