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The academic staff in the department of mathematics are formally sixteen members holding academic ranks. Currently, fourteen of them are teaching different subjects of the four stages in the department. Two of them are studying PhD as overseas students in the UK in different specialization. We, as academic staff, honestly and friendly, try to teach the best quality and performance of study to our nations during their studentship in our school and department. Since, we aim them to be the teacher in the secondary schools, we vitally attempt to bring them up in terms of both scientific and educational aspects.

At the following, we organized the academic staff's name in terms of their degrees, their academic ranks and their positions for you to find a specific member easily. 

If you have any technical questions, do not hesitate to contact IT representative of the school.
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MSc Students

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NameDegreeAcademic RankPositionLink
NameDegreeAcademic RankPositionLink
Faraidun Kader Hama Salh PhD professor Head of College visit 
Saiwan Majed Fatah MSc Assistant Lecturer Head of Department visit 
Arkan Nawzad Mustafa PhD Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Rebwar Salih Muhammad MSc Assistant Lecturer IT Representative visit 
Akhtar Hussain Mustafa MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Pshtiwan Othman Mohammed MSc Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Roshna Muhamad M.Amin MSc Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Hero Mawlood Salh MSc Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Snoor Osman Abdallah MSc Assistsnt Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Bakhtyar Mahmmud Rahem MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Yahya Hamid Muhammad MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Amina Hassan Ali  MSc Assistant Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Mariwan Muhammad  MSc Assistant Lecturer Decider of Department visit 
Hardi Nasradin Aziz PhD Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Shilan Fahmi Amin  MSc Assistant Lecturer  Staff Member visit 
Dilan Faraidoon Ahmed PhD Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Hawser Ali Hama Rash  MSc Lecturer Staff Member visit 
Showing 17 items