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We would like to welcome you to our department and we hope through our department you will have a successful and enjoyable time.

Our department has many experienced lecturers and they are all dedicated to their professional job, you are therefore assured that your learning comes first whilst in the department.

Physics is a very interesting field, it is the building block of all the other sciences, you should therefore feel privileged to study this wonderful subject. make sure you will make use of your time while at this department both in terms of your studying and your leisure time.

A small booklet is designed for you to give you some relevant information at the place where you study. It provides information on your courses, your lecturers and other departmental information, which will be useful to you when you start your course. Please read it carefully and make sure to contact one of the departmental staff whenever you have a question.

In the end we wish you all the success and we hope you will enjoy your study as much as all our previous students have.

Academic Staff