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The Department of Chemistry in Science education school of Sulaimani University was established in 2014.The message of the department   is to facilitate higher education and to ensure high quality and plugged with mastery of the training process, leading to growth in personal knowledge and fulfillment requirements of the labour. The department also aspires to provide different degrees in science and to provide rich scientific programs of the information, skills and graduate students have the ability to work in various fields, as they have teaching and the ability to deliver information to students and prepare them with the life skills necessary for success.

    Department of Chemistry's visions are to provide education and scientific foundations and principles of chemistry and the opportunity for students to learn about the different branches of science (Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry, Analytical chemistry, industrial chemistry, physical chemistry, inorganic chemistry and environmental chemistry).

    Department of Chemistry aims to achieve a range of educational and training goals. Firstly, the department prepares academic members are aware of and knowledgeable about the science of chemistry to become able to do teaching duties. Second, it provides an opportunity for outstanding students to supplement their higher studies and by studying it in Master's and doctorate. Third, we aim to do training courses for students (observation and applied teaching, safety courses and courses on laboratory). Fourth, we are doing research and solving some of the problems that request from the department and are in the service of society. Fifth, we work to take advantage and gain of all the available resources and techniques to contribute to the development and improvement administrative and academic work within the unique educational environment adopts the study and experimentation and contributes in maintaining the overall quality of education.

Academic Staff