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Department of Biology was established in 2015 as the fourth scientific Department of the School of Science Education based on the urgent need for the Ministry of Education in the Kurdistan region of teachers to teach biological sciences in order to be specialized qualified teachers to teach biology in secondary schools. This does not mean that the department is limited to the country's needs, as the science is open to all, for each of his/ her interest in this area.

Duration of the study in the section is four years, during which the student, who finished secondary school and holds a baccalaureate degree, takes units of study theoretical and practical, compulsory and elective, ) in the biological, psychological sciences and teaching methods. The total number of the units is at least 150. In the final year students take field studies in secondary schools include descriptive views and applications in teaching, then students awarded a bachelor's degree in Educational Biological Sciences.


Science evolves, concepts are changing with the scientific discoveries, and to create conscious generation, in the future, a teacher must be made with an open mind, works by logic, and connects information to students correctly.


Population growth in the Kurdistan region is on the rise, education is an essential need for the scientific rehabilitation of the next generation at a level meets the ambition. there is an urgent need to foster a generation of efficient teachers skillful in Biology and educational sciences. 

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